How can you buy Kindle books on the iPhone?


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Welcome to that world. An entire library may now fit in the pocket of an avid reader, thanks to the popularity of e-books and gadgets like the Kindle. Additionally, you're in luck if you own an iPhone! To make use of Amazon's extensive selection of e-books, you don't even need to download the Kindle app. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow direct purchases of Kindle books within the Kindle app for iOS devices also amazon app. There are several reasons behind this limitation.One reason is that Apple and Google charge a commission fee for in-app purchases, which would significantly impact Amazon's profit margin on each book sale. In order to avoid this extra cost, Amazon has opted to disable the purchasing feature within the app.You may purchase Kindle books on your iPhone without using the app by following the easy instructions provided in this blog post. So take your phone and get ready to explore a world of amazing books that are at your fingertips!

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Purchase Kindle Books on iPhone without an Kindle App

Are you an avid reader who loves the convenience of accessing books on your iPhone? If so, you may wonder how to buy Kindle books on your iPhone without using the Kindle app. While it's true that purchasing books directly from the app is not possible due to Apple's policies, there are still ways to get your hands on those captivating reads!

Step 1: Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone and go to Amazon's official website.

2: Sign in with your Amazon account credentials. If you don't have an account yet, create one; it's quick and easy.

3: Once signed in, type "Kindle Store" into the search results bar at the top of the page and click on the first result.

4: Now you're in the Kindle Store! Start browsing for your desired book by searching its title or author name.

5: When you find a book you want to purchase, simply tap on its cover image. This will take you to the book's details page, where you can read reviews and see additional information.

6: To buy the book, look for a button labelled "Buy now with one click" or something similar. Tap this button once and follow any prompts that appear regarding payment method and confirmation.

Voila! You've successfully purchased a Kindle book without using the app. The next time you open your Kindle device app on your iPhone (if already installed), make sure it syncs with your account so that all purchased books are available for reading enjoyment right at your fingertips!

Remember that while buying Kindle books without using an app is possible, some features like Whispersync (which syncs bookmarks across devices) may only be accessible through their dedicated application.

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buying by safari browser
buying by safari browser

Alternatives to Buying Kindle Books Without an App

If you're an avid reader who loves the convenience of reading on your iPhone but prefers not to use the Kindle app, don't worry! There are alternative ways to buy and read Kindle books on your device.

One option is to use the Amazon website directly through your iPhone's web browser. Simply go to and search results for the Kindle book you want. Once you've found it, select the "Buy now" or "Add to Cart" button, just like you would when shopping for any other item on Amazon.

Another alternative is using third-party e-reader apps that support purchasing and reading Kindle books. Popular options include Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Kobo. These apps allow you to access a wide range of ebooks from different platforms, including Amazon's Kindle store.

If you already have a collection of ePub files or DRM-free ebooks in other formats, there are conversion tools available online that can convert them into a compatible format for your iPhone's e-reader app. This way, you can enjoy all your favorite titles without being restricted by compatibility issues.

Remember that while these alternatives provide access to Kindle books library outside of the official app, they may not offer all the features and functionality that come with using the dedicated application. However, they still provide convenient solutions for those who prefer not to use or cannot access the Kindle app on their iPhones.

So if buying Kindle books without using the app is what suits your preferences best,
Consider exploring the alternatives mentioned above! Happy reading!

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Tips and Tricks for Buying and Reading Kindle Books on iPhone

1. Sync your devices: Ensure that your Kindle app on your iPhone is synced with your Amazon account. This will allow you to access all of the books in your library across multiple devices seamlessly.

2. Use the mobile web browser: If you don't want to download the Kindle app, you can purchase and read the Kindle books directly from the mobile web browser on your iPhone. Simply go to Amazon's website, search for the book you want, and select "Buy Now with 1-Click" to complete the purchase.

3. Take advantage of sample chapters: Before committing to buying a book, make use of the option to download a sample chapter. This allows you to get a feel for the writing style and content before making a decision.

4. Adjust font settings: Customize your reading experience by adjusting font size, line spacing, and margins according to your preferences for maximum comfort while reading.

5. Highlight and take notes: Utilize these features within the Kindle app or mobile web browser to mark important passages or jot down thoughts as you read.

6. Explore Goodreads integration: The Kindle app integrates with Goodreads, allowing you to easily see book recommendations from other readers as well as share updates about what you're currently reading.

7. Enable dark mode: If reading at night or in low-light conditions, switch on dark mode in the settings menu for reduced eye strain.

Remember that these tips are just scratching the surface of all that can be done when it comes to buying and reading Kindle books on an iPhone without using an app! Experiment with different features and options available within both Amazon's website and their dedicated app for an enhanced reading experience tailored specifically to your preferences.


Q: Can I use third-party e-reader apps to buy Kindle books on my iPhone?

A: Yes, you can use e-reader apps like Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Kobo to purchase and read the Kindle books. These apps offer an alternative to using the official Kindle app.

Q: Are there any limitations to buying Kindle books without using the app?

A: While it is possible to buy Kindle books without the app, some features, like Whisper sync, may only be accessible through the official Kindle application.

Q: Can I access all Kindle features by purchasing books through alternative methods?

A: While alternatives provide access to Kindle books, they may not offer all the features and functionality found in the official Kindle app. However, they still provide convenient solutions for those who prefer not to use the Kindle app on their iPhone.


In conclusion, though purchasing Kindle books directly from the app on your iPhone may not be possible due to platform restrictions, there are viable alternatives available. By using your mobile web browser or third-party e-reader apps, you can easily access and enjoy Amazon's vast collection of e-books. Remember to explore the tips and tricks mentioned to enhance your reading experience, whether you choose to use the Kindle app or opt for alternative methods. Happy reading!

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