Can I Buy an Amazon Gift Card for Someone Else?


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Amazon gift cards are a popular choice for gifts, providing the recipient with the flexibility to choose their own desired products or services from the vast selection available on the platform. But can you buy an Amazon gift card for someone else? The answer is yes! In this article, we will explore how you can purchase an Amazon gift card and deliver it to someone special.

How to Buy an Amazon Gift Card for Someone Else

There are three main types of Amazon gift cards: e-gift cards, printable vouchers, and physical gift cards.

1. Buying a Physical Amazon Gift Card for Someone Else

In this section, we'll delve into the process of purchasing a physical Amazon gift card to gift to someone.

Physical gift cards, with their more traditional appeal, are available at various locations such as Walgreens, Staples, Office Depot, Drugs Store,Grocery Store, Game Stop, One Stop,7-Eleven, Circle K, Kmart, and Kohl’s,B&R Stores.These cards are easily accessible, given the widespread availability in numerous stores. For a comprehensive list of stores offering Amazon gift cards, refer to my other article "Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards?"

These physical cards come in denominations of $5,$10, $15, $25, and $100 when bought in-store. However, when purchased directly from Amazon Website, you have the flexibility to choose any denomination, up to $2,000 in some instances.

Additionally, you may use your Amazon account to order a real gift card and have it sent to either your home or the recipient's. Take this Amazon Website Gift Card, which has a decorative surprise, as an illustration. You can select the reveal's design, which includes a Christmas, holiday, anniversary, and birthday theme. There are up to $2,000 worth of these gift cards available.

More Instructions when purchasing a physical gift card from Amazon website, you can select the gift option and have it sent right to the address of the recipient. To do this, you'll need to provide their email address and home address. You can also send the gift card to your address and deliver it in person to the recipient when you get it in the mail.

Redeeming and Using a Physical Amazon Gift Card

Upon acquiring a physical gift card, the recipient can use it on Amazon's websites by following these steps:

1. Log into their Amazon account (or create one if needed).

2. Visit the gift card section.

3. Click on "Redeem a Gift Card."

4. Locate the claim code on the card.

5. Put claim code and click "Apply to your balance."

6. Upon making a purchase, the recipient's Amazon account will be credited automatically.

Buying a Digital Amazon Gift Card for Someone Else

If you prefer a more convenient option, consider purchasing a digital Amazon gift card. You can send it instantly via email, eliminating any waiting time.

To buy and send a digital Amazon gift card:

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Navigate to the gift card section.

3. Click on "Purchase a gift card" to access the gift card purchase page.

4. Choose the eGift card option.

5. Select a denomination and add the recipient's details.

Finalise the purchase, choosing an immediate delivery date for instant receipt.

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Redeeming and Using a Digital Amazon Gift Card

After successfully sending a digital gift card, the recipient can redeem it on their Amazon account:

1. Log in to Amazon.

2. Copy the claim code from the received email or message.

3. Go to the gift card section.

4. Redeem the gift card by pasting the claim code.5.The account will be credited upon making a purchase.

If the gift card balance is insufficient for a purchase, the recipient can pay the remaining amount with another payment method.

Buying a Printable Voucher Card Amazon Gift Card for Someone Else

For a personalised touch, consider a Printable Amazon gift card Voucher, allowing customisation with artwork or a personal photo. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Search for "print at home gift card."

3. Choose a design and add a photo if desired.

4. Select the denomination and provide necessary details.

5. Purchase the gift card.

6. Print and fold the gift card.

The recipient can use the Printable gift card just like any other physical Amazon gift card after receiving it.

The gift card will also be sent to you via email as a PDF, which you may print out. When you give the DIY gift card to the recipient, they may use it just like any other real Amazon gift card to make purchases.

physical amz gift card
physical amz gift card
Amazon Digital Gift Card
Amazon Digital Gift Card
Printable amz Gift Card Voucher
Printable amz Gift Card Voucher

What Can Recipients Use Amazon Gift Cards For?

Gift cards from Amazon are redeemable for a variety of services and goods on all Amazon websites. For instance, they can use gift card credit to make direct purchases on.Recipients can utilise Amazon gift cards across Amazon websites for a variety of services and products, including direct purchases on Amazon Website, Amazon subscriptions (like Prime Video), groceries from Amazon Fresh, and Kindle content.

Additionally, a person may use the remaining value on their gift card to buy Kindle products, such as ebooks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an Amazon gift card anywhere else?

No, Amazon gift cards are exclusively for use on the Amazon platform. They cannot be used at other online retailers or physical stores.

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

Amazon gift cards do not have expiration dates, providing your recipient with the flexibility to use them at their convenience.

Can I reload an Amazon gift card?

Currently, Amazon does not support reloading gift cards. Once the card's balance is depleted, it cannot be reused.


Buying an Amazon gift card for someone else is a simple and thoughtful way to let them choose their own perfect gift. With a wide selection of products and convenient delivery options, Amazon gift cards provide a versatile gifting solution for any occasion. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you'll be well on your way to delighting your loved ones with a personalised and memorable gift. Start browsing through the options today and make someone's day with an Amazon gift card!

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