How to Gift an Amazon Prime Membership


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Amz prime membership gifting
Amz prime membership gifting

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How can I gift an Amazon Prime membership?

Enhancing Your Gift with a Personalised Message and Delivery Date

Benefits of Gifting an Amazon Prime Membership

Different Ways to Gift Amazon Prime

Faqs and Conclusion


Unwrap Endless Joy with Amazon Prime Gift Memberships!

Dive into a world where convenience and boundless entertainment converge with Amazon Prime! Whether a seasoned member or a newcomer, Prime has become an essential part of modern living. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift!

Picture granting access to free two-day shipping on countless items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, exclusive discounts, and much more. By gifting an Amazon Prime membership, you're not just offering practicality and ease - you're showcasing your genuine care for their happiness.

Prepare to brighten faces with our detailed guide on gifting an Amazon Prime membership. From adding a personal touch with a heartfelt message to exploring exciting perks for Prime members, we've curated all the tips and tricks you need for an unforgettable gifting experience. Let's embark on this journey and create memories that last a lifetime!

How can I gift an Amazon Prime membership?

Embarking on the journey of gifting an Amazon Prime Membership is indeed a thoughtful gesture loaded with practical benefits. Here's an insightful step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process with ease:

1. Setting Up:

Start by ensuring you have an active Amazon account. If not, the process of creating one is quick and straightforward. Once you're all set, log in and head to either the Amazon website or app. From there, smoothly navigate to the dedicated "Amazon Prime" section.

2. Choosing the Membership:

Delve into selecting the type of Prime membership you wish to gift. Options typically include subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. When making this decision, always keep the recipient's preferences and needs in mind for a personalised touch.

3. Giving the Gift:

Following the selection of your favored membership plan, proceed by clicking on "Give as a Gift." This action initiates a prompt where you can input crucial details about the recipient, such as their email address or phone number. Additionally, you have the liberty to opt for an immediate gift notification or schedule a later delivery time.

4. Finalising the Purchase:

Once you've meticulously filled in all the necessary recipient information, take a moment to review your order summary before proceeding with the payment. As a tip, if you're an existing Prime member yourself, keep an eye out for any potential discounts applicable to gift memberships.

5. Anticipating the Reaction:

Post successful completion of your purchase, allow the excitement to build up as you eagerly await the recipient's joyful reaction upon receiving their digital gift notification from Amazon!

Gifting an Amazon Prime membership is an effortless process made possible by its intuitive interface and the uncomplicated steps elucidated above. Why wait? Surprise someone special today with the convenience and multitude of benefits wrapped up in this thoughtful present!

Enhancing Your Gift with a Personalised Message and Delivery Date

When gifting an Amazon Prime membership, one outstanding feature is the option to customise your gift with a heartfelt message and pick a specific delivery date. This personalisation not only adds a special touch to your gesture but also demonstrates your dedication to making the gift meaningful and memorable.

To personalise your gift effectively, consider the following steps:

1. Upon selecting the gift Prime membership option, you'll have the chance to craft a personalised message for the recipient. Use this opportunity to convey your feelings and sentiments in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.

2. Subsequently, select the ideal delivery date for your gift. This allows you to surprise your loved one on significant occasions like birthdays or any other special event. Additionally, you can schedule the delivery in advance, ensuring they receive it precisely when you envision.

By infusing your gift with a personalised message and ensuring a timely delivery, you not only grant access to the remarkable advantages of Amazon Prime but also exhibit genuine care for their joy and satisfaction.

It's essential to acknowledge that even seemingly small gestures significantly influence how a gift is perceived and valued by its recipient. Elevate your gesture by adding that personal touch—it's the distinctive element that elevates your gift above the rest!

Benefits of Gifting an Amazon Prime Membership

1. Free and Fast Shipping: An Amazon Prime membership offers the convenience of free two-day shipping on millions of items. By gifting Prime, you give loved ones access to savings on shipping costs and quicker delivery times.

2. Unlimited Streaming: Recipients enjoy unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and music with Amazon Prime. Whether it's binge-watching a favourite series or exploring new music, the extensive Prime Video and Prime Music libraries cater to various tastes.

3. Exclusive Deals: Prime members get early access to sales events and exclusive Lightning Deals, providing first opportunities to purchase discounted products before they run out of stock.

4. Kindle Owners' Lending Library: Owners of Kindle devices or the Kindle app can access the Kindle Owners' Lending Library with a Prime membership. This feature allows them to borrow popular eBooks each month without due dates.

5. Whole Foods Discounts: Amazon Prime members receive exclusive discounts at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide. Your gift helps individuals save money on quality organic products while shopping for everyday essentials.

6. Twitch Benefits: Gamer benefit from Twitch perks included in Amazon Prime memberships, such as ad-free viewing on, free monthly channel subscriptions to support streamers, and complimentary in-game content and promotions.

Gifting an Amazon Prime membership offers a blend of convenience, entertainment choices, and savings opportunities—a thoughtful present that keeps on giving throughout the year!

Personalising the Gift with a Message and Delivery Date

Gifting an Amazon Prime membership lets you personalise the gesture with a special message and select a specific delivery date. This personal touch enhances the gift, showcasing your effort to make the present meaningful.

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Different Ways to Gift Amazon Prime

Aside from directly gifting an Amazon Prime membership, there are several creative approaches you can take to surprise your loved ones with the gift of convenience and entertainment.

One option is to consider purchasing an Amazon Prime gift card. This allows the recipient to utilise the funds towards their own Prime subscription or any other products available on Amazon. It provides them with the freedom to choose while still reaping all the benefits that accompany being a Prime member.

Another distinctive way to grant someone access to Amazon Prime is by sharing your own membership benefits. If you are already a Prime subscriber, you may invite up to four household members or friends through the Amazon Household program. They will receive their own login credentials and be able to enjoy all the perks of being a Prime member without bearing the cost themselves.

Moreover, if your loved one possesses an Alexa-enabled device such as an Echo Dot or Fire TV Stick, a simple and surprising gift idea is to ask Alexa to renew their membership. Just say, "Alexa, gift (person's name) an annual membership," and follow through with the prompts presented.

These alternative methods offer diverse ways to provide someone with access to all the offerings of Amazon Prime without necessarily purchasing a direct membership as a traditional gift.


1. Can I buy multiple memberships as gifts?

Yes! You can purchase multiple memberships as gifts by repeating the process outlined in our step-by-step guide for each recipient.

2. How long does an Amazon Prime membership last?

When you gift someone an Amazon Prime membership, they will have access to all its benefits for one year from their activation date.

3. Can I cancel a gifted membership if my recipient already has one?

Unfortunately, once you've gifted a membership, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, your recipient can choose not to activate it if they already have an existing subscription.

4. What happens when my gifted membership expires?

When the gifted membership expires after one year, your recipient will have the option to renew their subscription themselves if they wish to continue enjoying all the perks of being an Amazon Prime member.


Gifting an Amazon Prime membership is not just a gift; it's an experience. From the seamless process to the myriad of benefits, your recipient will thank you for the convenience and entertainment that come with Amazon Prime. Ready to make someone's day? Gift Amazon Prime now!

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